Video Technology is a thinktank and research and development company deditcated to the advancment of Video Technology. We have expertize in all areas in Internet technology, performance, embeddded systems, design and manufacturing, image processing.

John Sokol, the founder is a pioneer of Internet video streaming having experimented with streaming video at Stanford in the late 80's and streaming video at Sun Microsystems in 1990 and 1991. In 1994 he developed the Livecam and built the first CDN for his startup NetSys. He's worked on Scaling high demand Hollywood movie web sites and has worked with large Studio's and celebrities. Later was CTO of Digital Video Broadcast Systems that went public in 1999. His 2002 startup Nisvara had a partnership with NASA developing heat transfer materials for Silent Computers and Server Rooms that do not require Air Conditioning.

Video Technology Magazine

For years, my friends and I have been researching different areas of technology and video for business and personal interests. From VOIP (voice over IP) to VPN (virtual private network) technologies, we've seen the industry advance quite a bit over the years. Some of this research would either go into starting a new companies or new products for someone else's company, but, more often then not, it would just collect in some filing cabinet and gather dust until it became too outdated.

So after many many years of this, I finally decided to do something about it. I created this site to share what myself and others were researching. This effort has been very productive and allow much more interaction and insider information then I have had previously, as well as giving me a much better insite into the industry.

I hope you all benefit from this information and please contribute as much as possible.

- The Proprietor, John L. Sokol

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